Clutch and Torque Converter

┬áThere are many parts of your transmission. Throughout the many different parts, gears and more — they all function and work in perfect harmony, until there is a problem. Sometimes, common transmission problems can be caused by the transmission overheating, which is usually also caused by lack of servicing to the unit.

Nearly 80% or more forget to have their transmission serviced. Your transmission fluid allows all the parts within your transmission to move easily. When the transmission fluid is low or needs to be changed, it can have an adverse effect on the transmission, causing the gears to not shift as smoothly or to break within the transmission.

No matter the problem with your transmission, clutch or torque converter, let Twin Transmission be your all in one solution for transmission repair needs. We provide the longest transmission repair warranty in the Charlotte NC area, free towing, free diagnosis and always free estimates for your repair.

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