Get Your Transmission Fixed Right!

Transmission repair can be one of the most expensive repairs for any06142012879
vehicle, however, Twin Transmission makes transmission repair not only
affordable but also simple. The complete transmission rebuild process only
takes between 1 – 3 business days, unlike other shops that may take weeks
for repair. Simple transmission repairs, such as link adjustments or part
replacements, can be completed the same day you drop your vehicle off even.
Another way that Twin Transmission makes your transmission rebuild process
easier is the fact that you are protected by a 3 Year / Unlimited Mile
warranty. If there is ever an issue with your transmission in the future,
you are completely covered by the longest transmission rebuild warranty in
the state of North Carolina.

Twin Transmission has been operating for over 30 years. The business was
established by someone not only involved in the actual transmission rebuild
process, but a person that learned how to rebuild transmissions from his
own Father as well. The experts at Twin Transmission have been repairing
and rebuilding transmissions of all types and for all problems successfully
for decades. A family owned and operated business, Twin Transmission has
left an everlasting mark on the Charlotte NC area, completing over 1000
transmission rebuilds each year. They are by far the largest volume
transmission rebuilder in the area. All transmission jobs are completed at
their location and completed by experts in the repair industry.

thankstwin2Twin Transmission utilizes the best in transmission repair parts for all
transmission repairs. All parts come from high quality manufactures and
part producers. Most parts also come with their own parts warranty as well.
When you use Twin, you can rest assured that you will be working with
experienced rebuilders, professionals, and retaining quality parts with
your service.

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